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Umbrella Company

Our easy to use umbrella company enables contractors to maximise your take-home pay whilst remaining completely compliant.

Umbrella Company

With none of the reporting responsibilities of a limited company, you can work flexibly, accrue employment benefits and only pay for the service when you use it.

The process is very simple:

  • When you win a contract with a client you become an employee of the umbrella company
  • You carry out the work for the client, complete your timesheet and submit any agreed allowable business expenses to us
  • We bill your recruitment agency, cover our costs and make the necessary statutory deductions such as tax and national insurance from the amount they pay us, and then we pay you as our employee the very same day

It is as simple as that!

Depending on your assignment, you may be able to claim for certain business expenses that you incur while you're working. We’ll discuss each new assignment with you so that you are fully informed at every stage.

As a permanent employee you will get holiday pay, sick pay and maternity pay and it also makes it much easier to apply for things like loans and mortgages as you’ll have one continuous employment, even if you work for a number of different agencies and clients during your time with us.


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